Ember Mug Review: A New Mom’s Opinion

Ember Mug Review: A New Mom's Opinion
Ember Mug Review: A New Mom's Opinion

I’ve had my Ember Mug for nearly a year and I’ve used it hundreds of times, so I’m definitely due to write an Ember mug review. This was my Christmas gift in 2019, about 2 months after I gave birth to my first baby. I tore open the wrapping paper, saw the mug, and madly ran into my husband’s arms saying “I will love you forever!!” Ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly that dramatic, but the feelings were there. This mug is a GAME CHANGER. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new and busy mom, or just a human being who wants to enjoy a hot beverage slowly. 

Btw, this isn’t sponsored, and I wasn’t gifted this mug by the company or paid to say nice things. This is my real and honest opinion. (But, um…Ember, can you sponsor me? Because me and all my friends are obsessed with your mug… 😉 )

You can see all of the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 options here.

ember mug review: not sponsored and not gifted

Ember Mug Review: A New Mom's Opinion
Ember Mug Review

What’s the Ember Mug?

It’s this beautiful temperature-controlled smart mug that stays warm from its built-in rechargeable battery. You can control the temperature on your smartphone (120°f-145°f degrees farehwight, depending on your preference). The mug stays charged for 80-90 minutes (depending on the size you buy) when it’s off the charger, or all day when it’s on the charger.

It’s sleek and sexy (did I just call my coffee cup sexy? Yup.) and comes in several colors like matte black, white, and even this gorgeous copper. The Ember Mug is designed to be astgeyicaly pleasing as well as functional.

How much does the ember mug cost?

It’s $99.95 for the 10 oz size, and worth every penny. I love making my cup of coffee, sitting down for a two-hour stretch of deep, focused work, amd knowing that I can reach over and take a sip of perfectly hot coffee at any moment. No trips to the microwave to re-heat. And even when I’m down to the final 1/4 cup of coffee at the bottom of the mug, it’s still drinkable at the perfect temperature. I don’t have to guzzle it down before it gets cold.

Whats the difference between the 10 oz versus the 14 oz Ember?

The 10 oz has a slightly longer battery life and costs a bit less than the 14 oz.

10 oz = 90 minute battery life and $99.95

14 oz = 80 minute battery life and $129.95.

I own the 10 oz Ember mug in black and love it, because I love drinking two small cups of coffee (one at 5:30 am, and another around 9:30 am). The 14 oz ember mug is more of a “standard” size coffee mug, but the battery is just a bit shorter to compensate for all the liquid it keeps warm, and it costs more. 

Does the Ember mug work?

Why is this the perfect gift for new moms? 

As I’m finishing up my first year of motherhood (successfully, I might add – I’m still alive, wahoo!!) I can confidently say that the ember mug is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to a new mom. I can’t think of any other times in life when you are a) this severely sleep deprived for months on end and in need of caffeine, b) spending most of those sleep-deprived months at home where you can enjoy this ember mug, and c) struggling to find the time to finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. In fact, shortly after I got this ember mug and started talking about it, two of my friends told me they were also gifted it as a push present. Well done, spouse. 

Ember Mug Review from a work-at-home mom

Who else could enjoy the Ember Mug?

I mean…human beings. 😉 It’s an excellent product for anyone who enjoys warm beverages and wants to be able to sip them at a perfect temperature without any time restraints.

See all of the Ember mug options on Amazon here. 

Since the charging plate sits nicely on a desk or countertop, the Ember Mug is good for both home and work settings. And at its $100 price point, it’s a really nice gift for a special occasion like birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries.

Ember Mug Review

A few other things…

This is a very smart mug, so it intelligently senses when to turn on or off based on when it’s full or empty. No buttons to press. 

Even though it has an internal battery, you can still wash it and submerge it in water. When I’m finished with my second cup of coffee, I hand wash my Ember mug in the sink, dry the outside, and place it on the charger so it’s ready for me the next morning. 

Ember Mug Review
Ember Mug Review

The LED light has customizable colors! I didn’t know this until recently, because I got the mug when my baby was two months old, and adjusting the colored lights on my coffee mug was pretty low on my priority list at the time… But it’s a fun little gimmick, in my opinion. (I currently have mine set on a pretty magenta color.) 

Control the temperature through an app on your smartphone. I actually don’t use the app on most days, because I keep my Ember mug set to 135 for black coffee. However, if I ever want to use the mug for green tea, I adjust the temperature to 125. (Just my personal preference – you can control it to your liking.) 

Any negative things about the Ember mug? 

Like I mentioned, this isn’t sponsored in any way and I want to give the most helpful Ember Mug review that I can, so I’m trying to think of any cons at all. And honestly? It’s hard! I absolutely adore this mug! I feel that it’s accurately priced for what you get, and it’s a great long-term investment. 

The Ember Mug has been updated to the Ember Mug 2, which is the black mug that I own. My husband has the Ember Mug 1. He bought it in white, and the inside became stained from coffee. However, my friend who owns the Ember Mug 2 said that the white didn’t get stained, so they’ve clearly fixed that problem. 

Also, the old charging plates used to be a lot larger in diameter. The current ones are smaller and take up less space on your desk. Honestly, I don’t have anything negative to say about this mug.

I am obsessed with the Ember Mug. I think it makes one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts you can give to a new mom. (Really – if you had this Ember mug, a bag of locally roasted coffee, and a Tupperware of homemade muffins, you would make her feel so loved!) You can view all of the Ember mug options on Amazon here!

Ember Mug Review
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