Conversations With 2-Yr-Old Milo


Conversations with 2-year-old Milo, who has very big feelings and very important thoughts..

Driving in the car, and Blink 182 “Home Is Such A Lonely Place” is on. 

Milo: I like this song. Its beautiful

Me: You like it? What makes it beautiful?

Milo: The singer.

Me: What else?

Milo: Everything!


Lunch time, and he’s in his high chair while I cut his cheese quesadilla into pieces.

Milo: Mommy, cut it into SQUARES.

5 seconds later..

Milo: Mommy, those look like RECTANGLES.

Me: I’m trying my best!

Milo, shrugs his shoulders: It’s ok mommy. Some look like squares and some look like rectangles. It depends..


Driving in the car, and I texted multiple people via voice in the phone. 

Milo: “You should be done talking to Siri. You was talking to her for a looooong time!”


Watching him swim at Emler swim lessons: 

Milo: You want to see me hold my breath?

Me: Yes!

Milo: Ok. I’ll see what I can do


6 pm, in the final hour before bedtime, as we’re playing upstairs. I’m laying on the carpet in his room watching him run around like a crazy man.

Milo:  “Mommy! You should jump on the bed too, but this time you don’t get tired.”

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It’s a 3-day weekend for Indigenous People’s Day, so we’re hanging out as a fam all weekend. I’ll chat with you here on Tuesday!

PS: 4 words that have changed my parenting perspective, and sweet baby Dayton at 8 months!

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