Best Place To Eat On UT Campus: We Are Ranch Hand

Best food truck in Austin Texas

Best food truck in Austin TexasHi friends! Happy Friday!

I stopped by a fun little food truck this week that I wanted to share with you. We Are Ranch Hand reached out to me and invited me to stop by and try some of their lunch options. Kiera volunteered to be my plus one (she’s always so sweet to take some photos for me when we’re eating lunch together – I’m not always the easiest person to dine with because of all the food photography the has to happen before I eat, ha!)

First things first: the food truck is parked on the University of Texas campus, which is awesome for students, and horrible for everyone else. Parking is a nightmare around campus on a weekday! The good news is that if you’re already on campus, We Are Ranch Hand is easy to locate. Check their website just to double check that day’s location.

When I was in grad school at UT from 2013-15, I packed a lunch every day. Otherwise, I would eat chickfila. I mean, those were the options, folks! I’m a wee bit jealous of the students now who have the option of eating We Are Ranch Hand, whose motto is “stop eating sh!t for lunch.”

Here’s what you should know about this little food truck:

  • It’s usually parked on UT campus. There are rumors of a brick-and-mortar opening…. Fingers crossed for that!
  • It was started by Brian and Quentin, two MBA students at The University of Texas. They’ve been running the food truck full time while also being full time business school students. Impressive!
  • They serve organic grain bowls and local, sustainably sourced meat.
  • Brian and Quentin met with the head of UT’s health department when they were developing the menu. She gave them guidance about certain things to include, like lots of healthy monounsaturated fats (found in akaushi beef and wagyu steak, two of the protein options on the menu, as well as avocado.)
  • There’s a burger option, too, which is served on Dai Due’s sprouted rye bread.

Best food truck in Austin Texas

It was honestly so delicious. If I lived on campus (meaning, if I were still a UT student) I would eat here all the time. I ate 1/2 a burger and about 1/2 a bowl, and I was left feeling satisfied, but without that icky, gross too-full feeling. You know what I mean? I just felt nourished!

I’m so excited for this weekend. My grandfather is driving down from Dallas just to hang out with me and my husband. We’re heading out to one of my very favorite Austin restaurants tonight (I’ll most likely post something quick on instagram this evening, stay tuned), and on Saturday we’re going to host them in our home and cook dinner.

And by *we I mean *Nate is going to cook. He is seriously the cook of the family! I’ll run over to Sugar Mama’s to round out the meal. 🙂

Happy weekend! Talk to you on Monday!

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