8 New Austin Restaurants I’ve Been Loving

Top 10 restaurants to open in Austin in 2018

Suerte opens in east Austin TexasIf you’ve been asking yourself, “I wonder where I should eat in Austin right now?” I have 8 suggestions for you, plus a bonus at the end! These are 8 new places that I can whole-heartedly recommend for food, service, and ambiance.

1. Intero

Best new restaurants in Austin

Food. Chocolate. Family. Appreciation for the whole ingredient. If you haven’t been to Intero yet, you’re in for a fun treat. It’s in the old Bud’s Motorcycle shop on E Cesar Chavez; they left the sign up outside as homage. Chef tries to use the entire animal or plant on the menu, and I had fun looking through the menu trying to figure out where and how he did it. Leaves are in one dish, stems in another, pureed or tossed or charred or blended.

There’s also a chocolate shop component to this sweet Italian shop. You won’t want to miss those delicious truffles after dinner!

interorestaurant.com, 2612 E Cesar Chavez St

2. Sour Duck Market

Sour Duck Market is now open!

Sour Duck Market is now open!

You’ll be able to find me at Sour Duck Market all summer long! This is Odd Duck’s newest concept: a casual indoor/outdoor eatery with two buildings and a connecting beer garden. The booze is super cheap (one of the best bargains for a pint or a glass of wine in town), and the food is delivered quickly with Odd Duck’s careful approach to sourcing locally and sustainably and treating the food we eat with respect.

sourduckmarket.com, 1814 E MLK Jr Dr

3. Loro

Best new restaurants in Austin

The two food Gods in Austin (Tyson Cole of Uchi and Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ) came together to create this masterpiece, and I’m happy that their Asian smokehouse lived up to the hype. Order at the counter, take a seat, and your food and sake slushes will be brought to you in the beautiful interior space (designed by the acclaimed Michael Hsu architecture firm) or the sprawling outdoor patio.

loroaustin.com, 2115 S Lamar Blvd

4. APT 115

APT 115 was designed to look and feel like you’re inside someone’s cozy apartment home. There’s a small bar, a long dining room table, a hi-top table, and some couches. It’s quaint and welcoming.

The wine selection is superb carefully chosen. You’ll very likely be able to try something that’s new or hard to find! Cheese boards are available, and, just like the wine list, everything edible has been hand-picked so they only offer the best of the best.

apartmentonefifteen.com, 2025 E 7th St

5. Rise biscuits and donuts

Best new restaurants in Austin

Have you stopped by this little donut and biscuit shop by campus yet? It’s a North Carolina chain that just opened their first Austin location, and these chicken sandwiches are addicting!

If I were still a student, I’d be stopping every morning for this thick, juicy piece of crunchy chicken nestled between a soft and flaky biscuit.  I also tried a bite of every single donut they offer, and I can whole-heartedly recommend the sprinkles, bananas foster, and raspberry jelly.

risebiscuitsdonuts.com, 2522 Guadalupe St

6. The Peached Tortilla – Airport Location

Best new restaurants in Austin

It’s not a new restaurant, but this is still worth noting: The Peached Tortilla recently opened their airport location! The Austin airport has always been pretty good about representing the city’s food in the airport (there’s a Salt Lick, an Annie’s Cafe, and an Amy’s Ice Cream.) But recently, the aiport has been stepping up its game by adding a Second Bar and Kitchen location, Juiceland, and now a Peached Tortilla!

It’s a walk-up counter, so you’ll be able to order tacos, bowls, burgers, fries, and breakfast items like avocado toast and breakfast tacos to go. I stopped by the airport with a group of some food blogger friends to see the new space, and I’m anticipating my next flight when I’ll be able to get one of those breakfast tacos before I board the plane!

thepeachedtortilla.com, Austin-Bergstrom Int’l Airport

7. Suerte

Best new restaurants in Austin

The former partner of Odd Duck spent months in Mexico researching corn and how it’s best acquired, cared for, and prepared to eat before opening Suerte (which mean “luck” in Spanish, for all of you who are rusty on foreign language skills like I am!) The result is dozens of imaginative corn dishes that are delicately plated for ultimate taste and visual appeal.

Speaking of visual, this restaurant goes down in my book for being one of the most attractive in Austin. The custom-made door itself will have you reaching for your camera before you even enter the building, and as you walk around the space, ask the staff for details about the decor. Lots of items and textiles were imported from Mexico or designed by small Texas companies.

suerteatx.com, 1800 E 6th St

8. Il Brutto

Sometimes you order three pastas….and see a fourth you wish you had gotten! Ha! This new Italian restaurant is a new favorite of mine for their homemade noodles (the lasagna bolognese was my favorite) and neapolitan pizzas. I think these little pies are as good as Bufalina’s, which is high praise!

The cocktail program is unpretentious and approachable (I had a lovely negroni to start my night) and the desserts are ridiculously good. No surprise there….chef Amanda Rockman is taking the pastry world by storm lately. I’ve tried many of her desserts, and I’ve loved and devoured every single one of them.

Bonus: Burger Bar’s New Breakfast Menu

Best new restaurants in Austin

Best new restaurants in Austin

Burger Bar is adding a morning breakfast menu on Mon-Fri from 7-9:30 am. I stopped by with Kiera last week to try it out. I’m excited that the delish breakfast sandwiches and burrito are just $5, big, filling, and tasty. They use vital farms eggs, so Burger Bar gets an A+ for that.

Also, they have an espresso milkshake on the breakfast menu. I mean….does it get any better than that?! If I worked downtown, I’d probably be stopping by at least once a week for a quick and flavorful breakfast.

burgerbaraustin.com, 110 E 2nd St



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terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

Looks delicious! It’s been more than a year since I’ve been to Texas and it seems like I need to find my way back down there, especially to eat all the things!

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