5 Restaurants You Need To Try In ATX (5/10/19)

Spicy Boys Chicken in Austin Texas

Spicy Boys Chicken in Austin Texas

What’s up, friends?

Oof. This week was a busy one! I have one more super busy week up ahead, and then the laziness of summer begins. I actually swung the pendulum REALLY far in the opposite direction of last summer and scheduled 1 trip for the entire summer! (Last summer I traveled 2-3 times per month.) Instead of spending my travel budget on traveling, I’m saving right now to (hopefully) do a big trip to Thailand next year. (We had planned it for this December, but with a baby arriving in October, we had to postpone that trip.)

So, what will I do all summer? Fun Austin stuff! (Check out my 2019 summer bucket list that I wrote on Wednesday! So many fun things to do this summer!) And, of course, I’ll be checking out lots of restaurants all summer long. Warm weather dining is wonderful because I get to enjoy all of these gorgeous patios we have in town.

Moving on….here’s my bi-monthly list of restaurant suggestions for you:

5 Restaurants You Need To Try In ATX

1.  The newest food truck: Spicy Boys

Spicy Boys Chicken in Austin Texas

You know how I’m always singing praises of Soursop food truck, parked outside St Elmo Brewery? Well, Soursop opened a new sister food truck in East Austin! It’s parked outside Zilker Brewing, and they specialize in hot chicken (wings, sandwiches, sauces, curries).

I went over the weekend and tried the OG Gai Sandwich, the tots with sambal dipping sauce, and the wings with Thai BBQ. YUM. There are 7 sauce options ranging from mild to hot, and the sambal is right in the middle and so flavorful!

WEBSITE | 1701 E 6th St

2. Quick and easy breakfast to go: JuiceLand

Juiceland overnight oats

Not a new restaurant by any means (I know that I keep mentioning JuiceLand, but I’m seriously having a love affair with it right now!), but the overnight oats are sooo tasty! They’re in the refrigerated section, so you can just waltz into any Juiceland location, grab a container of overnight oats, and eat it on the run!

Gluten free, vegan, 16 G of protein, and perfectly filling.

WEBSITEmultiple locations

3. For grab-and-go breakfast tacos: Fresa’s

Fresa's breakfast tacos in Austin

I have these “moments” with breakfast tacos, and I’m kind of having one with Fresa’s right now! I love how you can order online, stop by the South First location, and walk up to the window to grab it to-go!

Fresa’s makes their own homemade flour tortillas, and their hot sauces are taaasty. For something on the healthy side, I grab the Lorenzo: egg whites w/ spinach, black beans, avocado, cheddar, and serrano.

WEBSITE | two locations



4. For my vegan friends: Skull & Cakebones

Skull & Cakebones vegan bakery in Austin Texas

As far as vegan bakeries go, I’ve typically stuck with Capital City Bakery in Austin. (Those cupcakes? SO GOOD!) But my recent cinnamon roll hunt had me driving out to Dripping Springs to check out Skull & Cakebones.

I’ve had their pastries at the farmers market in the past (they no longer sell at the downtown farmers market), but this was my first time to walk into the bakery. It’s massive! There’s a big counter in the front where you can order, sit down at a table, and use the free wifi to get some work done. And there’s a glass window so you can peek into the kitchen and watch all of those delicious breads, cakes, and pastries being prepared. So fun!

WEBSITE | 3991 E Highway 290

5. To get through this rainy week: Pho Saigon

Pho Saigon in Austin Texas

If you’re ever up in far North Austin and need a big bowl of pho, stop into Pho Saigon! I met my friend Ashley on Tuesday for a cozy lunch date of beef noodle soup and ALL the pregnancy talk (she has a 4-month-old son right now.) We slurped noodles and chatted and waited for the rain to start falling outside. (It’s still raining as I write this, and I’m craving more pho now!)

WEBSITE | 10901 North Lamar

Unrelated to pho: Ashley brought a bag of her maternity clothes for me…so sweet! Now, Ashley is a super fit and healthy mama, and I looked at some of these maternity clothes and thought, “NO WAY did that tiny woman fit in these huge clothes!” And then I realized that eventually I’m going to be big enough to fit in them, too. Awesome. 😉

Signing off for the weekend! I’ll chat with you on Monday!




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