32nd Birthday In Austin

Olamaie in Austin

Hello! I thought I’d share a few memories from my birthday weekend in Austin.

birthday cake from La Patisserie

I turned 32 last weekend, and it was one of my favorite birthdays to date. Here’s the thing about birthday in your 30s: you run out of space to care about anything that’s not important. There simply is no room. I have this one magnificent day each year to spend how I please, and I’ve figured out the perfect formula for my ideal day…and so that’s what I ask for on my birthday! I no longer feel the need to do anything or be anyone that I’m not on my day. 😉

My birthday was on a Sunday this year. In my twenties I would have moped about that, but I actually prefer it now. An early Sunday night dinner? Perfect! I love going to bed early and waking up before the sun! So that’s what I did.

Here are some snapshots from the weekend:

On Saturday morning I swung by the Outdoor Voices event here in Austin.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices exercise dress

They gifted me a beautiful exercise dress (I got it in “Evergreen”), and here I am snapping a picture of it to share with my sister. (She and I had just been chatting about wanting one of these!) Little Dayton is in the corner digging through the nightstand. It’s his new favorite pastime.

luggage from Away

Oh, and I drove to the Away store here in Austin to check out some new luggage! I’m debating between the Away Carry-On vs the Paravel Aviator Carry-On. Any thoughts??

luggage from Away

I’m still not 100% certain which piece of luggage I want. (It’s such a longterm investment! I’ve had my last set for a decade, and it’s finally about to give out on my so it’s time for a little upgrade.) I did treat myself to The Everywhere Bag (that little black bag) on top! I plan to use it for quick 2-day car trips up to Dallas, as well as for carry-on flights where I want to be able to store plenty of things under the seat in front of me.

birthday cake from La Patisserie

Nate ordered a huge birthday cake from La Patisserie that we enjoyed the day before my actual birthday. Note: this cake is actually GIANT. It’s delicious but there’s no way 2 adults and 1 toddler will be able to eat the entire thing. We’re freezing about 1/2 of it, ha.

^ Awww! It’s so hard to get a picture with both boys these days, so I’ll cherish this one! Little Dayton is clapping his hands in this pic.

birthday cake from La Patisserie

At 2 year old, Milo understands that birthdays = cake and presents. He still thinks that all of the presents are for him, but he now understands that the birthday person (mommy) gets to blow out the birthday candles. So…we’ve made some progress. (At Nate’s birthday earlier this year, Milo blew out all of the candles and then looked at us like, “what? You sang the birthday song and so I blew out the candles!” Ha.)

birthday cake from La Patisserie

The cakes at La Patisserie are SO GOOD! We’ve gotten cakes from Sugar Mama’s a lot in the past, and their frosting is a lot sweeter/thicker. Like, almost too sweet… La Patisserie is a bit more subtle, with real vanilla bean flecks. I really loved it!

I texted 3 close girlfriends: “are you free for a glass of wine on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday?” It felt really nice to not mess with invitations or a big organized gathering. I truly just wanted to ring in the new year of life with a couple close friends. I met up with Monique, Caitlin, and Shveta at Lolo wine in east Austin and we all shared a couple bottles.

Lolo Wine

^ Oh wait, actually…we all started with our own individual glasses, and we looked down and realized we had each ordered a different color: red, orange, rose, and white!

^ Birthday morning! Nate let me sleep in, and when I finally stirred around 9 am he walked into the room with a latte for me. He’s the best!

pastry from La Patisserie

Back in the day, I would always with a visit to a fun Austin coffee shop with Nate. We’d both do our own thing (he would read, I would journal.) But this year Nate picked up a few extra pastries at La Patisserie the day before when he got the cake, so I cozied up in my office with my latte and a delicious cinnamon bun, a journal, and a bunch of thoughts about my next year of life…

^ Milo and I spent all morning at the pool! He’s sooo much fun at this age. I typically bring both boys to the pool, but on this particular day I asked Nate to stay with Dayton so I could bring Milo alone. I love getting to really play and imagine and interact with him, rather than diluting my attention between both boys. (Same goes for one-on-one time with Dayton – it’s such a treat when I get it!)

We swam and played and had the best morning together at the pool.

And then we did afternoon presents and cards! Milo opened all of them for me. 😉 

^ His favorite present was this summer throw from my sister.. He quickly confiscated it and said he wanted to try it out.

“Cover me ALL the way!”

Olamaie in Austin

^ I chose Olamaie for my birthday dinner! We always go to a fun Austin restaurant on my birthdays. I can remember all of them, way back to our first year of dating:

2014: Foreign and Domestic

2015: Justine’s

2016: Barley Swine

2017: Nate cooked Osso Buco for me at home

2018: Olamaie

2019: Comedor

2020: Franklin BBQ (takeout because of pandemic life)

2021: Juniper

2022: Olamaie (repeat…because it’s just that good.)

Aww! I love a fun little birthday touch!

Olamaie in Austin

This starter was one of my favorite bites of the night! Heirloom tomatoes in buttermilk with shallot, crispy biscuits, and gulf XO. It was a little spicy, sooo rich and flavorful, and just the yummiest summer plate.

Olamaie in Austin

^ I ordered the delicious Blackened Dayboat Fish for my entree, and Nate had the Grilled Pork Chop.

biscuits at Olamaie

And of course we each ordered a biscuit to go alongside the entrees.

32nd birthday in Austin

And that was the birthday!

32nd birthday in Austin

I’m 32 now, and here’s the funny thing: I still feel like there’s so much life to live. I feel like I’m just getting started and it’s all ahead of me! And even though my 22-year-old self would probably look at a 32-year-old as an old lady (ha), now that I’m here I feel really young. The best is yet to come.

I really love where I am in life. Despite choosing to believe that it gets to keep getting better and better, I can hardly imagine life being any better than it is right now. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I have everything I could possibly need or want! Every single day I wake up with a purpose and a passion, and I get to spend these magical days with my handsome husband and my two cutie little boys. Working hard is my favorite thing ever, and I get to do that every day. I loooove my city and my neighborhood and my daily schedule, I adore my home, and I think I might have the best family members in the world. I’m so thankful that I have a body that carries me around all day, a brain to challenge and expand, tiny humans to care for, and a husband to share my life with. My cup is all filled up right now. Xx.






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