15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin

15 Best Drive-Thrus In Austin: P Terry's

I must officially be a mom now, because I put this “best drive-thru spots in Austin” blog post at the top of my list to research and write. Drive-thrus are AMAZING when you’re running around town and have a sleeping baby in the back seat and risk waking him from his nap. But it’s also fun to find authentic Austin drive-thrus instead of constantly going to boring chain fast-food spots. 

Thankfully, authentic Austin drive-thru food is available all over town, and I have a list of the top 15 drive-thru spots in Austin for you:

15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin

15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin

1. Plaza Colombian Coffee

15 Best Drive-thrus In Austin: Plaza Colombian coffee shop

Here are three great reasons to try this place: 1) it’s right off highway 71 for easy access, 2) they have delicious South American bakery and lunch items that are made from scratch, like empanadas and roscon, and 3) CAFFEINE!! 3842 S Congress | WEBSITE

2. Flyrite Chicken

Good ‘ol Flyrite is always there for you when you want some high-quality fast food chicken that’s not one of the big chains. Flyrite has two locations (east and north) and some of the tastiest chicken sandwiches, wraps, and tenders in town. Two locations | WEBSITE

3.  Fresa’s Chicken

15 Best Drive-thrus In Austin: Fresa's Chicken

Here’s another chicken option, but this time a little bit less “fast food” and a little more “this is dinner.” I ADORE the patio at Fresa’s South First location, but their Lamar location has a convenient drive-thru that’s perfect for breakfast tacos, a healthy lunch bowl, or a complete dinner meal for the fam. 915 N Lamar Blvd | WEBSITE

4. P. Terry’s

15 Best Drive-Thrus In Austin: P Terry's

This wouldn’t be a “best drive-thru” round up without mentioning Austin’s favorite burger chain! Southern Living magazine said the Austin is hiding “America’s Best Burger Chain” with P. Terry’s. Multiple locations | WEBSITE

5. Baby Greens


[Photo via Baby Greens Instagram] 

These made-to-order salads and wraps are seriously such a life saver when you need something from the drive-thru that’s also healthy. I know that life with a newborn means that I’m often reaching for the nearest convenient and quick food, and it can be hard to get healthy, balanced, green meals in my life. Baby Greens to the rescue! 1508 W Anderson Ln | WEBSITE

6. Sandy’s Hamburgers

15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin: Sandy's Hamburgers

Sandy’s is a burger stand on Barton Springs Rd that has been open since 1946. They’re famous for their frozen custard (get a dip cone – yum!), but you can get combo meals with burgers and fries for lunch, too. 603 Barton Springs Rd | WEBSITE

7. Juiceland

15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin: Juiceland

This popular vegan chain in Austin has smoothies, juice, and prepared meals like salads and wraps…but did you know there are two drive-thru Juiceland locations in Austin? Both the Oak Hill and the Brodie locations allow you to get that Originator smoothie or Frijole Roller Burrito without even getting out of your car. 6705 Hwy 290 | WEBSITE

8. El Tacorrido

El Tacorrido keeps expanding in Austin with more locations, but the drive-thru on South First is awesome for those days when you have a taco craving and also need a quick option that allows you to grab lunch on the run. 2316 S First St | WEBSITE

9. El Pollo Rico

This charcoal-grilled chicken tastes a lot like Fresa’s, but it’s about half the price. Plus, the drive-thru is quick and easy and a great option for south Austinites! 730 W Stassney | WEBSITE

10. Bamboo Bistro

15 Best Drive-Thrus In Austin: Bamboo Bistro

Drive-thru Asian food is hard to find in Austin, but Bamboo Bistro has two locations (north and south) to help you fix that craving for spring rolls and sesame chicken. 6818 West Gate Blvd | WEBSITE

11. Sorrento’s Coffee

Want to find a local Austin drive-thru coffee shop instead of going to Starbucks? Sorrento’s is a cute little locally-owned drive-thru coffee stand that has all the classic coffee options, plus bites like Taco Deli tacos, kolache, and gluten-free pastries. That’s breakfast! 3021 W Anderson Ln | WEBSITE

12. Hat Creek Burger

Geez…this list sure has a lot of burger options. But Hat Creek Burger Company is a little different because they’re also open for breakfast. Cruise to the drive-thru for breakfast tacos and Flat Hats (pancakes), or go for fresh cheeseburgers for lunch and dinner. Multiple Locations | WEBSITE

13. Dan’s Hamburgers

Ok, just one more hamburger place! Dan’s Hamburgers is an awesome old-school Austin chain for burgers, fries, and shakes. Next time you’re craving a good fast-food burger but you want to go somewhere local, head to Dan’s. Multiple Locations | WEBSITE

14. Torchy’s Tacos

15 Best Drive-Thrus In Austin: Torchy's Tacos

The Spicewood location of Torchy’s is the only one with a drive-thru where you can get their breakfast and lunch/dinner tacos, salads, and that famous queso.  4211 Spicewood Springs Rd | WEBSITE

15. Summer Moon Coffee

There’s nothing as wonderful as picking up a hot and fresh latte when need a quick pick-me-up. There’s something so fun about that moment when the chai latte is placed in your hand and you can drive off to your next errand with a hot drink in your cup holder! Click here to see Summer Moon locations that have a drive-thru. Multiple Locations | WEBSITE

This guide is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2021 City Guide. Check out more of the best eats in Austin, curated by Austin food bloggers, on the full list of guides.

15 Best Drive-Thru Spots In Austin

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