10 Tips To Beat The Texas Summer Heat

10 tips to beat the summer heat in Austin Texas

10 tips to beat the summer heat in Austin Texas

We’re in the middle of summer in Austin Texas, which means it’s hot, hot, HOT outside! I was born and raised in Texas, so I’ve had my fair share of triple-digit temps on these endless summer days. Honestly, I really like the Texas heat. I think it feels like a warm hug. 🙂 But I know that lots of y’all don’t agree with me on that (especially if you live in a cool climate and you’re visiting Austin,) so I’m sharing my 10 best tips to beat the Texas summer heat.

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

I’m partnering with RAYS spirits to bring you this post. RAYS is a spirit made from distilled grapes and real fruit. (And no – it’s not wine!) It’s a 34 proof spirit that’s pretty strong, so it’s great for cocktails and mixed drinks. And it’s a great summer spirit! 

Unlike flavored vodkas that are full of sugar and calories (omg…I remember the worst hangover of my life from flavored vodka – so much sugar and artificial crap in that stuff!), RAYS is 100% all-natural, not too sweet, and made from real fruit.  

  • RAYS comes in three flavors: Blood Orange, Lemon, and Lime. 
  • It’s in the mixer section at HEB and Central Market, which means that you can buy it on Sundays in Texas! (You’ve probably run into that annoying problem of heading to a BBQ or a  lake day on a Sunday and realizing you forgot to run to the liquor store…but they’re closed on Sundays until noon. Just drive to HEB and pick up some RAYS.
  • RAYS is an Austin, Texas company! 
  • The final product is 17% ABV…it’s just the right amount of “oomph” to be perfect for summer parties in Texas. 

10 Tips To Beat The Texas Heat

1. Don’t use the oven for that dinner party – keep the house cool. 

Y’all, it took me just a few years of being a home owner to figure this one out!

Fire up the grill and cook your meat and veggies outside, and make cool apps and sides inside, but try to keep the oven from running all day while you’re preparing for a house full of people. Your A/C bill will thank you!  

2. Head out to Lake Austin for a day of boating. 

The water feels so refreshing on the hottest days of the year! Make an easy of RAYS Spirits drink to enjoy on the boat (just be sure to dump your RAYS in a eco-friendly container before you get on the boat – Lake Austin doesn’t allow glass containers out on the lake).

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Fill up your plastic cups (or water bottles – I’m not judging) with RAYS and tonic water, and then garnish with a piece of citrus if you want to feel fancy. 😉  I used RAYS lemon to make a batch of cocktails for my friends on our recent boating adventure, and these easy drinks were a hit! 

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

3. Drink TONS of water. 

Drink it all day long, even when you’re indoors. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And when you think you’ve had enough, hydrate some more.

Tip: I always buy bags of purified ice at the grocery store and keep my 30 oz. tumbler full of ice water in the summer months. It makes water extra refreshing, and my body stays cool and hydrated. 

4. Find your next favorite book and spend the afternoon reading. 

Looking for book suggestions? I have hundreds of them right here

Spend a lazy weekend afternoon on the couch with your favorite book and a cold RAYS cocktail in hand. (Psst: I’m sharing a quick recipe below – go to tip 6 to see it!) 

5. Splurge on an indoor A/C workout in the summer months. 

Summer is NOT the time to be running around Lady Bird Lake in the afternoons. If you’re having trouble staying motivated to workout in the Texas summers, decide that June-September can be your “splurge” months when you pay for a gym membership or find your favorite barre, spin, or yoga studio. 

You’ll be much more motivated to workout knowing you don’t have to battle the summer heat. And your body will be much happier and healthier if you keep it moving all summer long.

6. Invite your friends over for an indoor cocktail party. 

I used RAYS to make this refreshing summer sipper. You can find lots of other great RAYS recipes on their website, or use this all-natural spirit to create your own favorite cocktail. 

Tip: use 3-4 oz of RAYS for every 6-8 oz cocktail. 

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer Citrus, Basil, and Cucumber Cooler with RAYS Spirits

Here’s what you need: 


2 oz RAYS lime

2 oz RAYS lemon

2 oz tonic 

1 oz cucumber juice

Lemons, limes, cucumber slices, and basil

Add ice to glass, then top with RAYS lime, RAYS lemon, tonic water, and cucumber juice. Add citrus and basil to the glass, and garnish the rim with sliced cucumber. 

7. Air dry your dishes instead of using the dishwasher. 

If you live alone or just have 1-2 roommates, try to air-dry dishes instead of running the dishwasher every day. You utility bill (and house temperature) will thank you. 

8. Wear cool clothes all summer long! 

Thank God that the Austin restaurant scene is casual and you can wear sandals, sundresses, and tank-tops in even the high-end eateries. 

Wear bright colors (put navy blue and black in the back of your closet for now!) and breathable fabrics. Loose, flowy dresses, sleeveless shirts, and cute summer sandals will help regulate your body temperature.

9. Bring an ice chest when you do your grocery shopping. 

On the hottest summer days, I throw a small ice chest in the back of my car. I put my cold groceries in it so they don’t melt on the drive home. Because you better believe I’m buying ice cream during every single summer grocery store run! 

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat 10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

10. Plan your day. 

Whether you call Texas home or you’re visiting Austin for a long weekend, plan your outdoor activities in the cool morning hours (8 am – noon) or in the evening (7 pm – later). 

My Austin summer bucket list

If you’re a local: try to do your grocery shopping, workouts, pool time, and other errands in the cool, shady parts of the day. 1 pm – 6 pm are my “indoor hours” in the Texas summers. 

If you’re visiting Austin: plan your outdoor tourist activities (swimming holes, outdoor shopping, patio dining, visiting murals) during the cool parts of the day, and find some fun indoor activities to do during the blistering afternoon hours. 

Any more tips you’d like to share? Leave me a comment down below!

And be sure to swing by HEB to pick up some RAYS to keep in your bar cart for some fun, refreshing, cold drinks all summer long. Stay cool, Texas! 

10 tips to beat the heat in Austin Texas 10 tips to beat the summer heat in Austin Texas