UT vs TCU Game

Hi friends! How’s your Tuesday going?

I feel like I’m always saying this to you, but I went to THE BEST new Austin restaurant yesterday. Holy crazy delicious. If BBQ + ramen is your jam, you must check out BBQ Tatsu-Ya. (In the space that used to be Contigo.)

In other random news, I think our fam is officially out of the stomach bug sickness. It went around the entire family a couple of times and it was zero fun. Seems like the kiddos are at an age where they’re constantly bringing something home with them, and then Nate and I catch it, too.

Anyhow, now that we’re in the clear and I’m back from a few fall trips, I’m just enjoying the steadiness of having a home routine. I love spending my weekends at home in Austin.

Speaking of…

UT football game

We went to the UT vs TCU football game over the weekend! I have a few pics to share with you.

Despite it being a bit of a “womp womp” game, we had so much fun going out with our friends for the UT football game last Saturday night.

A few of my friends from the neighborhood all went together, and it was sooo much fun!

Here’s a pic from us in 2021…

UT Football game

^ I was 6 weeks postpartum and mostly what I remember from this game was running back to the car with my friend Courtney so we could both pump during half time. Haha.

Also, it was SO hot during the September game last year, and this year in 2022 we got to go to a November game and it was FREEZING. And so much fun. I love bundling up for an outdoor game.

We all met up beforehand to grab margaritas at La Condesa.

La Condesa

And got a few apps, too. Because you can’t NOT get the pumpkin seed hummus at La Condesa.

La Condesa

I love how their bar is separate from the restaurant so its really feels like a BAR bar.

UT football game

And then we headed to the game!

Walking in with my boo, all bundled up and ready to cheer.

Beautiful Priya and Kathleen. We each have 2 young kids (6 among all of us) and it’s mostly chaos whenever we meet up at the park or a birthday party. So were just enjoying getting to hang out and actually have a real conversation that was not broken into 900 little pieces. Ifkyk.

UT football game

^Haha, Nate when he realized the only two options were Karbach beers and Shiner. He picked Shiner because it’s technically an independent brewery (Karbach is owned by Anheuser-Busch and I think Nate would rather drink spoiled milk that a Karbach beer), and I picked Love Street because I think it tastes better than Shiner. He was disappointed in my choice to support Karbach…

UT football game

He said he loved me anyway.

UT football game

Hook ’em! Y’all, it was coooold! Like 44 degrees (which is quite chilly by Austin Texas standards.)

UT football game UT football game

I brought my gloves and a cozy blanket. So much better than watching football in 95-degree sunshine. I think this is how God intended football to be watched.

UT football game

We watched the game…

UT football game

We watched the marching band…

I did my Masters at the UT music school, and I remember watching all of the undergrads in the band head out to the field to practice in August. It was like 104 degrees and they would come back into the music building BRIGHT red and dripping sweat.

And I said “thank you LORD that I chose to play the violin and not the trumpet.”

UT football game

Army! (That was Nate.)

UT football game

Snacks for the second half from Stubb’s. (Nate’s still drinking Shiner. 😉 )

UT ended up losing the game…but we’re still all smiles because it’s a rare treat to get to hang out with our friends on a Saturday night! My parents were in town over the weekend and volunteered to watch the boys, so after the game we all decided to go to…

Goldie's bar in Austin

Goldie’s for a nightcap.

It was all so fun. I love getting to hang out with these sweet friends of mine. Forever thankful for them.

I’m curious: have you gone to any UT games this year?

Ok, that’s it for today. I’m going to ride my Peloton this morning and try to sneak in a shower before those two little boys of mine wake up. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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