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Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Yesterday, my foodie friend Monique and I went on an EPIC brunch tour of Austin with Austin Eats Food Tours! I had never been on a food tour in my own city, but I was really excited to see what it was all about.

If you’re a huge brunch fan, this is theeeee way to experience brunch in Austin! Why go to one brunch restaurant when you could go to FOUR?

Food tours are awesome because you don’t have to worry about parking, reservations, waiting in line, or researching anything. It’s super easy. Monique and I had so much fun!

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe BrunchFriends: this tour company is legit! I’m going to be recommending them to everyone. They’ve been in Austin since 2011, and the food tour guides have been working in the restaurant industry for decades. They know the Austin food scene inside and out (literally!) and can make the best recommendations.

We went on the Luxe Brunch and Libations Bus Tour, which took us around Austin in a luxury charter bus. We stopped at some of the hottest brunch spots in the city. The tables were reserved, the menus picked, and all we had to do was get shuttled around, show up, and eat!


The tour was about 3.5 hours long. During that time, we went to 4 brunch spots and tasted about 12 different brunch dishes, 3 cocktails, and 1 coffee. It was a lot of food!

If brunch isn’t your thing, first off: you’re a weirdo. But you could explore other food tours with Austin Eats Food Tours, like the East Austin Happy Hour Walking Food Tour on Fridays, or the Best of Austin Food Trucks Bus Tour. 

Recap: Luxe Brunch and Libations Bus Tour by Austin Eats Food Tours

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

^ We boarded the bus and were immediately handed a mimosa…talk about a great start to the day! Everyone in the group introduced themselves while we were driving to the first stop on the brunch tour.

Stop 1: Better Half Bar

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

We jumped off the bus and went to the back patio, where two giant picnic tables had been reserved for us. Our customized coffee orders were brought out, followed by plates of egg, bacon, and hash brown sandwiches on English muffin. YUM.

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

^ See that long line of customers? We got to completely skip that! Better Half is a very trendy brunch spot right now, but if you’re on the Austin Eats Food Tour, you don’t have to wait in any lines at all.

Stop 2: Odd Duck

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Yay! I was so excited when Eric, our tour guide, announced that this would be our second stop! Odd Duck is one of my all time favorite brunch spots in Austin.

We were shown to our beautiful table on the patio and  immediately handed prickly pear margaritas, several types of croissants, pancakes, and pork and egg hash.

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Stop 3: Old Thousand

We enjoyed a tasty Dim Sum brunch at the third stop! I’ve been to Old Thousand for lunch, but this was my first time trying their Dim Sum brunch. It was all wonderful! The smoked trout Rangoons with sweet peach chili were delicious.

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Stop 4: Fixe Southern House

YAY! The final stop was a great finale! I was already stuffed by the time we arrived at Fixe, but that didn’t stop me from diving into that plate of buttermilk biscuits. Fixe has some of the very best biscuits in Austin!

A Fixe 75 cocktail was placed in front of me, followed by a fried chicken sandwich with sweet tea pickles and chicken mayo on a sunchoke & benne see roll, and a heaping serving of salt & pepper fries.

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Austin Eats Food Tours Luxe Brunch

Aaaaand then I just wanted to take a long nap after all of that brunching! This was seriously so much fun, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to both locals and visitors.

Austin Eats Food Tours


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We loved the tour too! You have great photos!!

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