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Are you a local Austinite with a zest for life? Do you know more about the food scene/concert scene/kid-friendly scene/*insert your specialty here* than anyone else? Are your friends constantly asking you for your recommendations on the best taco trucks or the best music festivals or the best Rainey Street bars or the best biking trails in Austin?

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So Much Life is expanding! If you’re interested in being a contributing writer, I would love to hear from you. Specifically, we’re looking for specialists in:

1. Kid-friendly restaurants and activities in Austin. You’re perfect for this content if you have kids of your own or you spend a lot of time with kids (you’re a nanny, auntie or uncle, babysitter, etc.) You take your children to fun Austin-y places and explore local restaurants.

2. Fitness in Austin. You love fitness studios, running local road races or triathlons in Austin, cycling, trying out saunas and stretch labs and sports massages. You do some cool shit and you have some big fitness goals, and you love writing recaps about your experiences. You’re an inspiring person.

3. Nightlife in Austin. You’re in the 21-28 scene and you like to have a good time. You have lots of energy and you like to dance and explore the newest and hottest bars in Austin. You know the best rooftop bars and dance clubs and you know how to take great photos in the wee hours of the morning.

4. Concerts in Austin. Are you a music buff? Do you love to attend live concerts and share about the experience? This includes music festivals, big arena shows, iconic Austin venues, and small indie concerts at venues that no one else knows about.

If any of those descriptions sound like you, please send an application to [email protected] with the following:

1. An original photo from your area of expertise + 1-2 sentences, similar to an Instagram caption.

2. An original photo from your area of expertise + 1 paragraph, similar to a short blog post.

3. Your top 5 places that could be categorized in your area of expertise. (Top 5 small concert venues, top 5 speakeasies, top 5 kid-friendly patios, etc.)

4. Please include social media handles.

Who can apply?

Residents in Austin Texas and surrounding suburbs within 30 miles. So Much Life is an Austin lifestyle blog, and 90% of our content is about life in Austin. Essentially, you must live close enough to be able to experience and share about life in Austin

Will I be compensated for my work and time?

So Much Life is a publication that is powered by real life experiences and honest opinions; for new contributing writers, the rewards are occasional sponsored experiences, tickets to events, networking within the Austin food community, and opportunities for your work to be featured.

Do I need to own a DSLR?

No, but you must be able to take high quality photos on your device. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a DSLR or a smartphone. 

When is the application due?

So Much Life will accept ongoing applications until all positions are filled.

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