New Food Truck In Austin South Austin Serves Gourmet Bagels

Hiya friends! I checked out a new food truck in south Austin and I’m absolutely crazy about it! Coffee Run just opened near the intersection of Barton Springs and South Lamar, and they serve gourmet bagels and coffee drinks every morning of the week. I wasn’t sure what “gourmet bagels” meant until I showed up at the food truck during opening weekend and chatted with one of the owners. He told me that they wanted to set themselves apart by serving truly unique, delicious toppings piled on open face bagels. 

Gourmet bagel food truck in AUSTIN TEXAS -

There are 6 bagels on the menu (see the menu here) and I tried two of them. And truly…y’all. OMG. They are SO, SO GOOD! I’m not messing around when I say that the Campari Tomato and Basil bagel might just be the very best bagel creation I’ve ever put in my mouth. 

Yep, the very best. 

Gourmet bagel food truck in AUSTIN TEXAS -

It’s a poppy seed bagel, roasted garlic cream cheese, campari and yellow plum tomatoes, black pepper-tomato jam, and basil. (The black pepper-tomato jam is what really sets it apart. I would buy a jar of that stuff if they sold it.) 

If you’re into sweet toppings instead of savory, the berry bagel is delicious:

Gourmet bagel food truck in AUSTIN TEXAS -

Plain bagel, whipped cream cheese, blueberry-balsamic jam, fresh blueberries and blackberries, pomegranate, crumbled goat cheese, lemon-basil honey, and lemon zest. (Also, let’s pause for a moment and appreciate how nicely this bagel photographs.) 

One of the owners of the food truck is an app developer, and he plans to create an app that allows customers to order ahead. When they park at the truck, someone will run their bagel/coffee order out to their car. It’s an awesome idea, especially for folks who are commuting downtown to work and want a “drive-thru” option of sorts.

Coffee Run | WEBSITE | 608 B South Lamar Blvd 

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