He’s Here!

Hello world…

Meet Milo

Meet baby Milo! He started alerting me of his arrival on Sunday night, and he was born on Monday around 5 pm. Labor and delivery were relatively quick and easy and uncomplicated, and for the most part it all happened with very few surprises. I’m so excited and eager to share the full, unabridged birth story with y’all in the near future! Every birth story is unique and exciting, and I loved reading through a bunch of them in preparation for Milo’s birth. But that blog post is going to have to wait a little while because I have some serious snuggling to do with this little bundle of love. 

Meet Milo

We’re calling him Milo, but his full name is Miles Robert Kennedy: Miles because we love the name Milo, but we wanted him to have a slightly more “serious” name option down the road, too, in case Milo is too cutesy for his adult self, and Robert after both of our grandfathers. 

My husband and mom are with me at home and they’re the BEST support team I could imagine right now! We’re all nestled up inside on this cold, cold Halloween day in Austin (34 degrees this morning) and enjoying lots of family time, naps, comforting soups and stews, and as many snuggles as possible. 

Much love to you.

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1 year ago

HOORAY! He is so, so cute and I’m so excited he’s here! I hope you’re doing well and resting as much as possible. I can’t wait to meet Milo!

Zoe Jackson
1 year ago

Congrats Kelsey! He is precious and I love the name!

Evelyn Sher
Evelyn Sher
1 year ago

Congratulations! Such happy news!

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